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LA New Product Development Team is a cross-functional organization of talented engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

The Team helps making business dreams a reality by providing a complete range of new product development services from product conceptualization and engineering to prototyping and marketing.

History of Foundation: From a Student Organization to an LLC

LA NPDT. History of Foundation.

LA NPDT. History of Foundation.

LA NPDT started as a student organization at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana. The organization was formed by a Mechanical Engineering PhD student (at that time), Konstantin Dolgan. During his studies, Konstantin gained experience and practical skills by participating in several entrepreneurial, new product development and technology commercialization projects. During this process, he quickly realized there was an active need for “final product” delivery and cross-functional collaboration in the academic environment. In his opinion, academic research should not only result in publications and recognition by the scientific world, but also generate income for professors and students, in addition to satisfying the needs of customers. After seeing numerous academic projects tossed aside instead of being realized in the marketplace, Konstantin decided to start the LA NPDT organization.

Konstantin created the LA New Product Development Team with the mission of developing new products, technologies, and app/web solutions with the end goal of commercialization. However, he was not alone in his efforts. With the valuable support of LA Tech faculty and staff such as: Dr. Richard Kordal, Dr. Dave Norris, Kathy Wyatt, Deborah Inman, Bill Jones, Ann Marie Queen, and Dr. Barry Morales he was able to bring his idea to conception.

Within just one year, the Team grew to more than 40 members consisting primarily of LA Tech students and alumni. A wide array of experts were welcomed into the membership including engineers, business majors, artists, physicists, and programmers. By separating the organization into eight distinct departments including R&D, Prototyping, Marketing, IT, Intellectual Property, Public Relations, Human Resources, and Finance LA NPDT was better able to serve its clients.

After the foundation of the organization, the Team got to work on its very first projects. Within a year, LA NPDT launched seven projects and completed four of them. These projects allowed the organization to gain experience and establish a sustainable product development system.

After a successful year of the LA NPDT organization, Konstantin decided to move the Team forward and launched the LA NPDT LLC.

LA New Product Development as a limited liability company continued what was started by the LA NPDT organization. The company works to identify, develop, and deliver results that benefit the overall economic development of Louisiana.


LA NPDT has always made education and the development of advanced skills it’s top priority. In order to increase the proficiency of its members, the organization warmly welcomed various outstanding experts in such fields as product development, 3D printing, government innovation programs, social media marketing, lean startups, technology commercialization, and intellectual property protection.

In return to community LA NPDT members provided training courses on such subjects as web-development, Photoshop for photographers, quality and project management, 3D printing, and new product development.

Social Impact

LA NPDT bridges the gap between students/recent alumni and experienced professionals. A collaboration between the organization and the company allows students to acquire essential professional skills that assist them in securing job positions while getting their degrees. After working with the LA NPDT organization, students have an opportunity to continue expressing their creativity through the LA NPDT Company.

Every time companies or individuals hire LA NPDT for their projects, they actually invest in the economic and technological development of Louisiana.

Media and Testimonials

During 2014 alone, the LA New Product Development Team was featured in several media outlets including two local TV stations, two newspapers, three website, and one magazine.

LA NPDT was called “an impressive group that embodies the best of Louisiana Spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship”, an “excellent example of student initiative”, and a “well organized and highly professional team of innovators” by experts in such industries as product development, technology commercialization, and economic development.

Our team looks forward to turning your dreams into reality!

Turn your dreams into reality!

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