Design for manufacturability can help set you apart by creating a design that is a step ahead of your competition.

Every day products are designed and redesigned. They are created or updated to create a design for manufacturing and assembly. Every product in your home and office has been created as the result of design for manufacturability, and industrial design companies are now at the center of that process.

Industrial designers use research and observation to understand a product’s ideal design for manufacturing and assembly. They collaborate with teams to create a design for ease of manufacture. They are able to grasp insights that can enhance a design for manufacturability to result in a problem-solving solution that benefits the product manufacturer, the inventor, and the user of the product.


Companies have many reasons to make a new design for manufacturability, even when the old one works “just fine.” Profitability, of course, is one, but why else?

Creating a product’s design for ease of manufacture can position you in the marketplace for future growth in a new industry. Your product may meet the needs of a future market, or of an existing customer. A product’s design for manufacturability can block your competition or defend against competition.


At LA NPDT, our goal is to produce intelligent designs for ease of manufacture that integrate technology and functionality. As a leading industrial design company, we use several methods to design for manufacturability. We collaborate with you to form a cohesive team, one that can look at your product idea, dissect it into its parts, and create each part of the product, weaving it back together to completion.


Unlike other industrial design companies, we follow your project through from start to finish. We take your idea and turn it into a full-fledged prototype – one that can be replicated and mass-produced with ease.

Our industrial design team not only works with our engineers and prototyping team, but also with you. Becoming one team is crucial to your prototype’s design for manufacturability. As a team we will brainstorm, exposing any challenges that your product may face. We will flesh out the product design requirements that create the design for manufacturing and assembly of your product.

At this point, we get our CAD (Computer-aided Design) team involved. Once the industrial designers have a design for manufacturability, we create a “virtual prototype”, a 3D CAD model. While creating the computer model, we consider how your product will appeal to your audience. Once we understand the product’s design for ease of manufacture we can begin building your prototype. Our CAD drafting and rapid prototyping services are key components to the success of your product’s design for manufacturing and assembly.


Our experience with CAD drafting, design for ease of manufacture, and prototype design get passed on to you through our approach to design for ease of manufacture. As a full-service design for manufacturability company, we walk your idea through each step of design for manufacturing and assembly, from beginning to end.

LA NPDT’s team takes an analytical approach to each project’s design for manufacturing and assembly. We review the design for manufacturability and listen to your feedback, helping you finalize your idea so the product functions exactly as you expect it to function. There should be no surprises in design for manufacturing and assembly. We then step back and take a humanized approach to your product’s design for manufacturing and assembly. How does it fit with the consumer? Is your target customer going to appreciate and understand this product’s design for ease of manufacture? Is there another way a person can use the product? This approach helps us develop an insight-driven design for ease of manufacture that your end-user will snap off the shelf.

Set Your Business Apart

Through our comprehensive list of industrial design services, you can set your company and product apart. The strategy and design process we apply works in any niche, with any product. That is why LA NPDT follows the project through to the end. Our step-by-step approach can help you reach your goal for your product. With the right design, your product has unlimited potential. Our goal is to see it through all the way to production. Let’s get started on your project today!

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