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Do you have a product or concept that is ready to be implemented into a physical prototype? If so, then let us build it for you! We use powerful rapid prototyping machinery to deliver fully functional prototypes within a dramatically reduced turnaround. This gives you a quality prototype you need to demonstrate and/or prove your concept. With 3D printers, water jets, and CNC machines, we have the equipment needed to bring your idea to life.

Advantages of Prototyping

At its core prototyping is essential for testing functionality and features of your products.  Prototypes enable businesses like yours a chance to see their design before bringing products to the market. Prototyping can also be used for evaluating the aesthetics and physical qualities of an invention, allowing engineers to experience the product like a consumer. During the initial stages of product development, prototypes help fish out weaknesses in an idea before thousands or millions are spent on production.

Our Methodology

At LA NPDT, we begin our development process with your idea, then take that idea and turn it into a testable concept modeled in our state-of-the-art 3D CAD programs—including Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and many others. Once conceptualized, we produce the model with computer-assisted tools like water jets, laser cutters, and of course 3D printers. We then assemble the entire concept, right down to the smallest detail. Once assembled, your idea is brought to life and you can turn it into a viable product for your business.

Why Choose LA NPDT for Your Prototyping Needs?

Our determination to provide our clients with exceptional prototypes is unwavering, and we guarantee fabulous results when you use our team. Advanced mechanical equipment and some of the most brilliant minds in the industry create a fail-proof way to bring your invention to production.

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