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    Flame Arrest - LA New Product Development Team



    Flame Arrest. Internationally distinguished professor Dr. Lvov and his team of researchers working on developing innovative micro-manufacturing technologies.


    Flame Arrest - LA New Product Development Team

    As a market research agency, our challenge was to do a thorough market research analysis and use the data we collected to develop a brand, marketing material, and a commercialization strategy for a novel flame retardant.


    Our market research agency evaluated the technology and performed a detailed comparison with existing competitors. We worked closely with the research team to identify the competitive advantages of the product. The best market research companies request additional technical tests in order to validate product conformance with related technical standards.


    The best market research companies provide a detailed market analysis along with a recommended commercialization plan. The marketing materials and the investor pitch deck developed by LA NPDT helped the customer in communication with potential partners and investors. In addition LA NPDT presented the innovative product at the I-20 Top Twenty event and at at the Louisiana Tech Regional Accelerator Event

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