Custom T-shirt Design and Printing for a Pump Engineer

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    Custom T-shirt Design and Printing by LA NPDT

    Custom T-shirt Design and Printing


    Mark Taylor, a pump engineer.


    The t-shirt graphic design company at LA NPDT had to deisng a custom t-shirt for a customer who works as a pump engineer. Mark requested a design that would reflect his profession and would demonstrate some humor.


    The Team organized a brainstorming to come up with some funny yet smart and catchy phrases that would describe pump engineering in a “cool”, maybe even pompous, manner. After several iterations the “Pump Engineers – We make them suck!” phrase was created. The best t-shirt design companies draw a simplified image using CAD software, in this case, an image of a centrifugal pump. At the last step we cut out the design from vinyl using a plotter and heat pressed it on a blank black T-shirt.


    The custom designed t-shirt our t-shirt graphic design company delivered to the customer allowed him to demonstrate his uniqueness and sense of humor at work and outside of it. As a company that designs t-shirts, we were glad to acknowledge our design made one person a little happier.

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